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I’ve been sleeping better and I recover better from workouts. It keeps me “regular” and that makes me feel less bloated! “

 – Alicia, California


Upon hearing about black living water and all the results the natural supplement brought on I was skeptical. As an avid fitness enthusiast, I’ve tried many, many supplements to gain the edge I was looking for….but to no avail. Until the day I tried BlackMP Living Water. As an asthmatic, I have used less of my prescribed medicine, and I have also noticed a decrease in my blood pressure via my doctor (after only a week) as well as harder workouts with more stamina. BlackMP Living Water is indeed the truth.

 – Stephen, California


“I suffer from headaches and migraines everyday. I take approximately 3-6 ibuprofen everyday for the pain. So when I saw a picture posted on Facebook from a friend about BlackMP Living Water I was curious as to what it was. When I found out it will help with headaches I was a very interested in trying the product. I received a sample pack and as soon as a migraine was coming I immediately tried my sample and in 5 minutes I couldn’t believe my migraine was gone! No pain pills just black living water! I am amazed and stand behind this product so much I am telling all my friends and family about it. Thank you for helping me be pain free!”

 – Cindy, California


BlackMP has changed my mornings. I am in no way a morning person, but it gives me the energy to get through the 9 hours on my feet. Not only do I feel completely energized with no jitters (I have essential tremors so I am very susceptible to jitters), but I have this calming sense of focus. My stress is almost completely gone and I feel great! I can’t recommend this more to people! If you are fitness minded, this should be in your supplement routine. 

– Jacob, California


I Drink BlackMP Living Water before all of my races and my work outs. I don’t work out, run or fight with out that bottle of my Blackmp water in my corner. I drink it in between rounds when I box . I drink it 7 or nine miles into all of my runs when I start to get tired I drink BlackMP and I feel better than ever and finish off all my runs like a champion. I started using BlackMP water after all the injuries I received from training kept adding up and taking its toll on my body. I almost gave up distance running for good until my old football coach George Watson gave me a bottle of BlackMP Water and asked me to try it and ever since then I have not stopped and I feel better than ever. I’m running longer and harder my times are going down and my endurance has gone up a lot. BlackMP water has changed the way I look at things and with BlackMP water in my corner I truly feel that anything is possible.

 – Nate, California


I am a diabetic as most of you know. I’m gonna be honest and say I cheat all the time. I still only take pills. I went for labs last Thursday and I didn’t think they were gonna look ok. I think I was gonna be ok with a1c around 10. Yes I cheat, but I started taking this product one of my friends sells called BlackMP. I don’t know if it deserves the credit but both my a1c and Cholesterol were down a lot. My doctor says I’m am doing great. A1C was 6.4 down from 8.8 and cholesterol was down from 500+ to 237. Thank you BlackMP for being responsible for it. I will continue to take it and see how I see numbers next time I do labs.

 – Arturo, California



I take my BlackMP living water every day in the morning before I get out of bed. Only had 2 migraines this week and very short lived, as compared to every day! I like what it’s doing! My stomach is getting better too! I can eat again! Feel free to share my story with anyone. If it helps one person, that’s good enough for me. I know the product will help everyone! Thank you BlackMP!

 – Vera, California


In conjunction with a balanced diet, Black MP has helped me flush out toxins along with keeping me hydrated internally, helping my energy levels stay high, and generally leaving me feeling refreshed. I was skeptical at first because of its appearance, but it is virtually tasteless and kinda cool. I recommend it to anyone and everyone who is taking their health and fitness seriously.

 – Curtis, California



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