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Reduce Painful Inflammation 

1 in 3 Americans suffer from chronic pain. That’s over 100 Million people, affecting more lives than heart disease and cancer COMBINED. People turn to painkillers for pain relief without realizing the dangerous side effects Chronic pain lingers because of two main reasons:  1. You have a structural or postural inefficiency. 2. Nutritional Deficiencies.  BlackMP  helps correct nutritional deficiencies by providing the body essential minerals and missing probiotics which may be lacking and leading to continued chronic pain due to chronic inflammation.

Cool the fires of inflammation and stop the pain.

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How does BlackMP help Chronic Pain?

Living a pain free life requires that your body is structurally sound and that your food is nutritionally sound. Structural integrity comes from functional exercise, and nutritonal soundness comes from food and drink. But food today is missing two major things that kept our ancestors pain free:  TRACE ELEMENTS and PROBIOTICS. Minerals and trace elements in their natural state combined with probiotics help cool inflammation in the body and get you back to a pain free state.







in 5 minutes I couldn’t believe my migraine was gone! No pain pills just blackmp living water.”

 – Cindy, VisaliaCalifornia

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