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Low Energy 22
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BlackMP: The Next Generation Energy Drink

You’re tired all day, every day. So you turn to energy drinks for a ‘pick-me-up’ in the morning and then again in the afternoon. It doesn’t have to be this way. BlackMP is your energy drink alternative that helps your body utilize energy more efficiently. BlackMP has 0 calories, 0 caffeine, and 0 sugar. It does have 77+ naturally occurring trace elements, minerals and multiple strands of probiotics that combine together to give your body the boost it needs to get through your day with more energy. 

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Low Energy 22
BlackMP Living Powder

How does BlackMP help Low Energy?

To live a high energy life, your body needs vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and macronutrients from food and beverages in their natural, unprocessed state. But natural, whole and organic foods are still missing one thing: organically occurring MINERALS and TRACE ELEMENTS. Minerals and trace elements in their natural state will help your body better metabolize the nutrients that you get from food, giving you boundless energy.







Black has changed my mornings. I am in no way a morning person, but it gives me the energy to get through the 9 hours on my feet.”

 – Jacob, California

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Low Energy 22

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