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BlackMP: The Next Generation Sports Drink

When you’re active you lose more than just sweat. You also lose vital “Essential Minerals” which are crucial for athletes to replenish since they use up more minerals than most people. So athletes turn to sports drinks that are loaded with sugar and chemicals. BlackMP will replenish your minerals and give you an energy burst without the bad stuff. Blow past your competition and gain the competitive edge with BlackMP.

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How does BlackMP help Athletes?

Athletic Performance is directly dependent on nutrition. You cannot perform at your highest when your body isn’t functioning the way it should. Mineral deficiencies will compromise your internal function and energy efficiency, so you’ll be feeling tired and have less energy as a result. But by adding essential minerals and probiotics as a part of your diet, you will in turn utilize energy more efficiently and increase your energy levels, and increase your ability to focus more clearly.



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I take BlackMP every day to stay hydrated, mentally clear, and pain free after 16 tough years in the NFL.”

 – Lorenzo Neal, ex NFL Star

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