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Many factors contribute to immune system breakdown, disease, and dysfunction in our toxic world. Every day, our world becomes more toxic- pollution of the air,  chemicals in our our food and and our  unclean water supply. That toxicity transfers into our cells and remains there unless we are able to de-toxify the chemicals and pollutants from our body. What if we could prevent that from happening in the first place?

Humic and Fulvic Minerals not only prevent cells from becoming toxic, but help get rid of toxins that do get into our bodies. SBO Probiotics help keep the immune system strong. Combine Humic, Fulvic and SBO Probiotics with water and you have a powerful alkaline water with a pH of 10 in which no disease can thrive. 

Say goodbye to toxicity and hello to a new level of well being.

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How does BlackMP help keep you well?

The root cause of all disease is mineral deficiency, according to multiple Nobel Prize winners. Taking BlackMP will help you prevent against a plethora of diseases and ailments. BlackMP’s proprietary blend of powerful Humic and Fulvic Minerals (77+ Trace Elements) and Soil Based Organism probiotics in their spore form will also balance out your intestinal microflora, strengthen your immune system and lead you greater health and a better sense of well being.







I’ve been sleeping better and I recover better from workouts. It keeps me “regular” and that makes me feel less bloated! “

 – Alicia, California

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