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  • A: BlackMP  not simply a health drink. We’re a community on a mission to change the health of our world, one person at a time. We are dedicated to educating the world on the benefits of Trace Elements and SBO Probiotics. We seek to help our community improve their health holistically through educational videos, exercise videos and other valuable and relevant information.  

  • A: BlackMP may increase the efficacy of your prescribed medication. Your prescribed medication may even be reduced or eliminate with the consent of your doctor due to BlackMP’s healing benefits. Many people have been able to dispense with allergy pills, reduce or eliminate the use of rescue inhalers, had blood sugar lowered and no longer need over-the-counter pain medication.  Always check with your healthcare professional before you take this product or anything along with your prescribed medication, including food.on.  

  • A: BlackMP uses only the highest quality ingredients and raw materials, and each batch is tested for purity. BlackMP is 100% USDA Organic, carries chemical free certifications and is certified Drug Free from the Banned Substances Control Group.

  • A. Both have benefits. In theory, on an empty stomach, the minerals digest easier and the probiotics would spend less time in the stomach digesting and exposed to stomach acid. However, our probiotics are spore based with a natural protective coating and hence are able to withstand the stomach’s acid. Fulvic is also an excellent nutrient transport, and will help deliver micro nutrients digested from food. The delivery of Humic and Fulvic may occur faster on an empty stomach, and our probiotics will enter the intestines faster, but if taken with food digested nutrients will have an ideal transport, sugar will convert to energy, and our probiotics will suffer no adverse effects. BlackMP is a flexible health drink that easily fits into your daily lifestyle, giving you the freedom to use it when it’s best for you.

  • Absolutely not. Fulvic was given to terminally ill patients with sleep difficulties, and 50% of them were able to sleep through the night. It is widely recognized for its ability to aid with sleep, and those with sleeping problems should take it before bed.
  • Absolutely. That may be the ideal time. Pre-workouts, creatine, glutamine and branch chain amino acids are particularly effective when taken with BlackMP due to Fulvic’s ability to deliver nutrients quickly and directly to cells. Likewise, Fulvic also helps deliver macro nutrients to depleted muscles more efficiently, and Humic helps with immune systems that are often temporarily compromised due to heavy exercise.

  • A: Yes. BlackMP is Banned Substance Control Group approved. There is not one chemical or drug used or contained within BlackMP. We are the only health drink company allowed to sponsor the Future Olympics Wrestling Program. Furthermore, children should be encouraged to use BlackMP. It is mineral rich, aids in healthy digestion, and provides natural hydration and electrolytes, all of which children clearly need.

  • Yes, it is very possible you may experience mild symptoms. Most people experience some form of detoxification. These range from increased frequency of stool movements and urination, change in stool movements, headaches, dizziness, sweating, upset stomach and flu-like symptoms. These last anywhere from 2 to 7 days, and vary in intensity. If this occurs, do not be discouraged. This is your body eliminating toxins and destroying bad bacteria. If symptoms are severe, reduce the dosage of BlackMP by half for 2 days and then attempt to increase the serving size. Stay positive, and stay the course; once the detox stage passes the real benefits of BlackMP begin to take hold.

  • A: BlackMP Living Powder uses soil based organisms in spore form. They are inactive living organisms that are revitalized when they come into contact with water. This means that once you place BlackMP Living Powder in water, you now have water that is alive with living probiotics, and must be consumed within 12-16 hours or the effects of the probiotics will be reduced.

  • A: The honest answer is that you should take BlackMP for the rest of your life. Soil today is so depleted that you cannot receive the minerals and probiotics that you need from food anymore. Studies are showing that this is the reason for the health decline both nationally and globally. A small scoop or two of BlackMP a day is an easy and inexpensive way to help maintain immune system and digestive health and keep you feeling healthy day in and day out, year after year.

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